Project: Communal Toilets

The Mangyan people used to be the dominant dwellers of the entire island including the lowlands, but ever since more and more foreign settlers got in and started claiming (if not grabbing) majority of the land area most of the Mangyans were driven to the remote mountains and marshlands. Aside from losing their ancestral lands to the foreign settlers the island’s natural resources like the forests and rivers got abused causing the fast deterioration of vegetation and wildlife. These adverse development throughout the history of the land have affected the lifestyle of the natural inhabitants -they became scavengers in their own land, they became nomads having no permanent domain moving from place to place to survive the day.

Being nomadic, their temporary settlements (haron) developed in them a culture of less desirable hygiene. This common practice in their household have cause epidemic diseases and death. But this hygiene problem was not limited to those Mangyan communities who are still nomadic because even those other communities who were blessed to be awarded with a protected domains under the provision of National Council for Indigenous People (NCIP) and the local government were not able to withdraw themselves from the bad practice.

DFCM have seen the importance of attending to this perilous issue and so we came up with a project to start building communal toilets in those Mangyan communities which have secured dwelling permanency in their ancestral land.

Through our partnership with Pastor Richard delos Reyes and the young people of the Cainta Wesleyan Fellowship we were able to build four (4) toilets strategically located around the Kalansan community.

We would like to thank everyone who shared in this successful community project. Special thanks to the following:

  • Ptr. Richard delos Reyes
  • Engr. Rey Deang
  • CWC Youth and Young Pro’s
  • Jasper Velarde
  • Ptr. JR Torreliza
  • Ptr. Manny Cabcaan
  • DFCM Mission Staff
  • Kalansan Community

May the good Lord return the favor hundredfold to you and your family.


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