Mission Center: Claiming the Promise

A Beautiful Story

January 2009, by the grace of God through Operation Mobilization (OM Philippines) we were able to acquire our very own piece of land in Brgy. Alipaoy, Paluan Occidental Mindoro from Mr. Mamerto Paglikawan. This will be the future site of our DFCM Mission Center and Orphanage where we will continue the ministry to the Iraya Mangyans we have started since 2005. This will also be the new home of the KKP Mangyan Scholars who beforehand were being either entrusted to commissioned homes or being accommodated in rented basements of houses in town just to keep them near the public school where DFCM is sending them.

March 2009, we were able to do the groundbreaking ceremony together with our DFCM Staff, local volunteers, tribal coordinators, our KKP Scholars, some parents and members of the tribal communities. Our mission partner, OM Philippines which was headed by Ptr. Jun Diaz was not about to join the ceremony that time because they were out of the country doing missions.

April 2009, the first phase of building works started through the help of Ptr. JR Torreliza, a local pastor and an experienced builder in town. And in November 2009 we were able to finish the foundation stage and the frameworks of the proposed DFCM Mission Center building.

In January 2010 a very strong typhoon hit the country with its eye passing through the island causing some strong tornado that brought down to the ground what we have started. At this point we were all devastated, our fund were already exhausted and all our stocked materials were washed off and destroyed by the typhoon. We were thinking the building will not rise again, not in the soonest time.

After 2 years of fervent praying while securing our KKP Scholars in temporary setttlements in rented houses in town finally, the Lord has proven once again that His is faithful to His promises. In April 2012 the reconstruction of our Mission Center. This time funding was done through our fund-raising project, PADYAK: Trails for Hope. This fund raiser is a biking activity where Pastor Ernie, our Mission Director, will build mileage on his bicycle by riding across the Philippine archipelago and his covered distance will seek corresponding sponsorship. This special fund-raising project was covered by media particularly by GMA New Network (television) and DZBB (radio).

Watch this video of GMA7 News Network: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJjjfoJgAjk

With Padyak: Trails for Hope receiving some support from different places we were able to formally resume construction hoping whatever fund we have raised will be enough to provide decent roofing for our young Mangyan stakeholders.

Today, we are so grateful to God and to all who shared their lives to build the promised DFCM Mission Center. We have finally provided our tribal mission work a secured and permanent base for our holistic tribal operation and a conducive place for all our KKP Mangyan Scholars.

THE WORK IS NOT YET DONE.  There are a lot more to accomplish to complete the structure and facilities in our Mission Center. We need to install permanent and secured windows, plastering of walls, finishing of comfort rooms, ceilings, electrical layout, cabinets, triple deck beds for the scholars, permanent partition walls with doors, furniture and other fixtures, and more.

YOU ARE BLESSED TO STILL BECOME A PART OF THIS BEAUTIFUL PROJECT. All you need to do is to express to us in what way you would want to help and we will definitely appreciate it a lot. Come, let us all be instruments of God’s faithful promise.

All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God. Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

2 Corinthians 4:15-16


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