The Trail to Kalansan

This is how far our KKP Mangyan Scholars are coming from. Traversing this mountain on a single track trail with a distance of around 12 kilometers everyday just to attend school  would make it very difficult if not impossible for them. The highest point of the ancestral trail reaches 1,521 MASL after the forest Maligaya if coming from Paluan town proper. This is the reason why we have a Mission Center near the school in town.

DFCM MC to Kalansan

Not everyone is willing to climb this far to show how much one care. But there’s another way to show it and it by sponsoring a Mangyan child to school. In this way you will help us adopt them in the Mission Center while they are attending school. In their tribe they haven’t seen the meaning of success brought about by education, but you could be their chance to see that breakthrough… to make them believe that there is more to life than poverty and sufferings.

(Video taken by Pastor Ernie last May 2015)


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