An Epistle from the Land of Hope and Promises


by Rev. Ernie dV. Catanghal

A month and more has passed since the Mission Center has opened its doors for the KKP Mangyan scholars. Looking back, there were so many things we have been through – especially the children. Life in the mountains is so much different from the town, the life that these children have been used to. Their life with their families is an abstract of endless difficulties and slow uncertainness; a life they learned to love and embrace – the Mangyan kind of life.

Now, after we have kindled the faith and what we have showed them as we opened their eyes to the new horizon of God’s greatness and grace, to the promises of civilization they are brought to a new world. A world so much different that they mesmerized yet through those many years they have avoided.

For us, what they need is change, a change for betterment and we have believed that God has a greater purpose for them. They need not to lack forever, if only fair opportunity will open up for them. As God’s hands on earth we lead them there, to the direction where we ourselves are wondering. And as we walk together we are sighted by vision and braced by faith.

And as we walk together we are sighted by vision and braced by faith.

As each day unfolds, from the very beginning till now, obstacles of different sort seems to find pleasure in every turn.  Fragments of reluctance, worry and fear enter the minds of the vulnerable children as they mingle into the new world. These has caused us some of them to turn back at a very early stage, for them knowing not what was the cost and what was lost. In their sight it was a move to deliverance, but for us who believe is an uncorrupted rejection of hope for their future.

Our workers are also enfeebled by the elements of complexity and strain; these are the times when the enemy advances the most, where barrage of disillusion can permeate the heart of the strong and elected. The verses of the righteous implored to God is the string that connects us to the answers – answers that will bring back the vision.

We are dreamers for God’s destitute children, catalysts to them whose minds and hearts are indifferent. On minuscule capacity we might be but on vast faith on God we stand. There is also strength in knowing that as we walk on the valleys… right upon the hills there are saints praying to further our existence; them who empathize to every cause and every burden, them who have shared a life. We don’t have much but our devotion to reach out and touch the indigent population of the Mangyan tribe for Christ, and we will make it immense for God’s kingdom.

I pray so dearly that God unceasingly preserve us in the pious work, and may He touch more hearts that would collaborate with us for the cause of the mission – “Discipleship: To help Mangyans help Mangyans”. If we persevere I believe that on that day we will see multitudes of Mangyan souls entering the gates of life everlasting.

“Discipleship: To help Mangyans help Mangyans”.



[Reminiscence of July 2008]


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