The Journey of Hope Lives On!

It is the beginning of a another school year, and for the typical Mangyan children it is the season of the year where they introspect of their dreams -will it ever come true? For people like them there is a vast uncertainty of the hope for their future. DFCM likewise faces a lot of uncertainties every season like this for the KKP Program -will we be able to continue lending a hand to these dreamers?


This June before the school year formally starts Pastor Ernie was burning the candle at both ends just to find ways of keeping these children’s hope alive. God is so good and so faithful for He touched the hearts of His people to respond to the call -to sponsor an Iraya Mangyan child to school. By the time Pastor Ernie returned to the tribes the mission was able to secure 10 sponsorship for our 12 KKP Applicants, with that there are only 2 kids left waiting for sponsorship. Nevertheless Pastor Ernie gave the assurance to the remaining two that they will go to school with the rest of the KKP Scholars by faith.

When we announced the lineup of our KKP Scholars for SY 2016-17 during the Parents-Scholars meeting in our Mission Center tears of joy flowed on the face of everyone upon knowing that no one will go home… but everyone will go to school.

These green folders which we call “the seal” that the KKP Scholars were holding contains their application form, personal records and scholarship grant, while the overjoyed parents were holding the KKP Shirts we awarded to the scholars.

Right after the announcements and celebration we brought the new batch of KKP Scholars to the mini-mart to buy all the supplies they will need in the Mission Center and in school. This is another exciting part because this is the time our KKP Scholars will enjoy the very very rare “shopping” experience.


With all the supplies provided and the Mission Center all set for the coming school year we can say we have victoriously overcome the most crucial stage of the program. Now we begin to host the scholars in the mission center and get them oriented together with the DFCM House Parents (Pastor Manny and Olay) with the important policies and system inside the center.

This school year for our KKP Scholars will not be made possible if not for our dedicated partners who selflessly stepped out of their comfort zone and made a difference in the lives of oir Mangyan children. God knows how much you have done for them and we will be forever grateful for you.

Maraming Salamat po sa inyong pagtulong sa ating mga kabataang Iraya Mangyan! 

(Thank you very much for helping our young Iraya Mangyans!)


Sa aming pong pagpapatuloy sa paglalakbay na ito ay parati pong babalitaan namin kayo. God bless you!

(As we continue in this journey we will keep you posted. Pagpalain po kayo ng Diyos!)

Neneng Dizon: Iraya Mangyan at Grade 9, consistent first honor student in class.

Thank you KKP Sponsors


You have touched lives more than you have expected! Salamat po ng marami.


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