A Mission Station in the Tribe

DFCM MC to KalansanDue to the very remote location of the Iraya Mangyans in Kalansan the people hardly receive any form of aid and services coming from both the local and national government. And since the mission work of DFCM recognizes the predicaments of the situation of this community a series of projects are being raised up for them and the mission sees the importance of proper stewardship of the blessings which are being brought to them.  In line with this DFCM is now providing teachings and training for the people on how to make the projects self-sustainable. Also, DFCM found the necessity of putting up a station that will house all the vital and long-term projects for the community.

Below is an architectural presentation of a proposed mission station that will be built inside the tribal community of Kalansan (Iraya Mangyan). This structure will serve as the health clinic, library, lounge area, cooperative office and store, stockroom for the lighting project, emergency management system (EMS), pharmacy, and a missionary quarter with toilet & bath and a small kitchen/dining area.

mission stationThis project will be situated in an area duly designated by the tribal community leaders for the specific purpose. The community committed to provide the space and the materials while the DFCM will help on producing other construction materials.

Most of the materials and finish to be used for this structure will be from the indigenous materials the tribe uses for their houses. This will preserve the natural look and culture of the community.

DFCM is praying for partners in building and completing this project.

Will you care to join us?


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