Building Hope, Making History

The Iraya-Mangyan community in Kalansan have expressed their unanimous intention of not only supporting this very first Multi-Purpose Center Project but of contributing through the best of their capacity and means by providing a lot with a structure where the center can start with.


This structure is an old Mangyan house which is unusually big for a commoner in the community, which is owned by a visually impaired old man, Tatay Guding Tungkarawin, who then decided to give up the house for the better use of the community.

Also, the tribal leaders have convened and committed all the families of the tribe to contribute to raise a carabao (water bufalo) or an equivalent amount of a carabao to payback the expenses of the old man. They also expressed their commitment to share whatever indigenous materials they can produce for this project. They will also render their service in building this multi-purpose center.

mission station

Our role now is to help providing the rest of the building materials, the supplies and equipment we will be putting inside the children’s library, the health clinic, the cooperative office, and also providing the tribesmen the proper education and training they need, to facilitate and maintain the functions in this multi-purpose center. We also need to provide them with the self-sustaining programs that will lead them to self-reliance and progressive life.

To all who have shared their blessings and are continuously helping us work on this very meaningful project for the Iraya-Mangyan tribe in behalf of the people we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.




What else do we need?

We also are praying for medicines for the pharmacy, solar panel system, a generator, a rescue/ambulance boat,  a basic dental chair (used/unused), and livelihood projects.

For inquiries kindly email us at

Or to send support kindly click this link for info:

This Multi-purpose Center will be first and only in this side of the northern part of the island. There are many other adjacent communities who will surely benefit from this project.

Will you join us make a history and build hope in their lives?



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