Our Mangyan Scholarship Program

In the Philippines, there are more than a hundred upland tribes and the Mangyan is one of them. They can be considered as one of those poorest among the poor due to their passive nature. DFCM always believe that it is good to give men fish to eat but it is always better to teach them how to catch fish for themselves for they will never be hungry again.

Mangyan kids with dreams

KALINGANG-KAPATID PROGRAM (KKP) is a program under DFCM created to address the need for educational assistance. Since 2005 KKP aims to give our Mangyan children an equal opportunity to education whether be it formal or informal. In this program every child sent to school will become a potential advocate of positive change to their respective tribe.

KKP Logo 2017b

“Mangyans helping Mangyans.”

Most of our scholars live in the remotest parts of the northern tip of the island and there is no easy access to education except for our DFCM para-schooling (non formal) program and some minority schools run by the government in some tribal communities, but this is limited to primary education only. Once the school children finishes that level most of them will just end up hunting in the mountains, doing slash-and-burn if their parents are not blessed to have small wet-cropping fields, or simply fishing for daily providence. Their dreaming ends there because there is no secondary school within reach. The only school by the government is in the town proper which is so far away and their communities have no access road to use. But there are potential dreamers in the tribe, children who are capable of excelling in the academic field -if only they are given a fair chance.

“Mission Center: Second Home.

DFCM saw the need and in spite of being a small independent mission work we stepped out of the boat and took the leap of faith in providing these kids the stepping stone they need to reach their dreams. By God’s grace we were able to raise up a mission center right at the middle of the town which is very strategic for the KKP Program, the school is just a walk away. This mission center have prevented them from the usual practice they do just to get an access to school -to work as a field laborers and house helpers for the Tagalogs (lowlanders) which according to history this has became the instrument not of success but of exploitation and abuse. Since then we started hosting selected young dreamers from the tribes providing them decent housing while providing all their basic needs including everything they need for schooling. By doing this the children were able to attend school everyday and focus on their studies better and live in a loving and safe place.




We cannot accomplish this if not for the support of some friends and brethren in faith who acted as “Sponsors.” Our ideal setup is to get one (1) sponsor for one (1) scholar to secure that the living and studying condition of the children.

Today we have 18 Iraya Mangyan KKP Scholars from Kalansan, Pinagbayanan and San Pablo.

KKP GROUP 2017 small

We are looking for sponsors for this SY 2017-18 who will reach out to make them continue dreaming. They are the future of their tribe and will you help them make a difference one day?

Below are the breakdown of sponsorship details:

June Expenses (upon enrollment):         Php 3,500.00/child

During opening of classes (month of June) we provide new set of supplies like uniform, bags, shoes, school materials, ID’s and for other requirements from the school. Also,  we provide basic clothings, beddings, hygiene  and personal storage depending on what is lacking and needed in the beginning of the school year. These provision will incur more budget than the succeeding nine months in a school year.

For Monthly Expenses (July to March):         Php 2,500.00/child/month   

  • Food @ 20 pesos/meal = 1,800.00/child
  • Hygiene Kit = 100.00/child
  • School projects = 300.00/child
  • Snack money in school = 200.00/child
  • Utilities = 100.00/month

If upon reading this page you believe the Lord is speaking to your heart to make that step outside the boat, then… I would like to take your hand and let us journey together on that path called faith… to bring hope to the next generation of the tribe and help them become blessings to their own.

To express your desire to share your life to the desolate children of the tribe through sponsoring them in their schooling you may send us a message here or email at edvcat@yahoo.com.



Thank you and shalom.

Pastor Ernie Catanghal (DFCM Mission Director)


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