Surat Mangyan & Pakudos



The Hanunóo Mangyan:

Hanunóo is an Austronesian language spoken in the southern part of the Philippine island of Mindoro. Speakers of this language are known as Hanunóo or Hanunóo-Mangyan. The term Mangyan is the collective name for the eight indigenous peoples of Mindoro.

The Script:

Surat Mangyan, also known to local Mindoreños as Sulat Mangyan, the Hanunóo script is one of three surviving pre-Hispanic forms of writing in the Philippines. It is a version of the island’s ancient script collectively known as Baybayin. Hanunóo writing is used mainly to write love songs or epic poetry called ʼambāhan, and also for regular & romantic correspondence. The script is used for writing in Hanunóo and other Mangyan languages but can also be used for writing other Filipino languages since it basically uses the same structure as other versions of Baybayin.

irini katangahala misiyunariyu

A pakudos is a visual motif used by the Mangyan people of Mindoro in the Philippines. Pakudos are characterized by symmetrical, aesthetic, and orderly utilization of lines and space with equal utilization of vertical and horizontal composition.[1] The word pakudos was coined from cruz, the Spanish word for cross. The pakudos motif is a common element in Mangyan embroidery and crafts.[2] 



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