Thank you so much Lord for blessing our Mangyan community with people who would carry the burden with us in sharing to them the goodness of the Lord. Through the collaboration of Drops of Faith Christian Missions, some church organizations, social clubs, friends and caring individuals we were able to raise, maintain and expand our Project: Let There Be Light. This project has already brought hope and joy to the communities most specially to their children who are now enjoying the benefit of studying with ample light at night. This project has also generated daily income that has become their funding for farming which is being blessed with good harvest that will bring food on their tables.

Our lighting project is an alternative power source system using solar panels for our charging station which provides charging capacity for the DC batteries which we have provided for the families for their home lighting source. Currently we are blessed with 7oo watts of solar panels through the invaluable support of Cainta Wesleyan Church (Young Adults and Youth Group) and the outdoor group of Campers and Backpackers (CAB)/Daloy. The base structure for the station, concrete pathway and other electrical paraphernalia for the street and homes are provided by our ever valued good-hearted families, brethren and friends. We would also like to acknowledge the love and support of our KKP Sponsors, our partner organization, Make A Change Philippines and Ohanna Mountaineering Club. Indeed you have made a change and touched many lives in the tribes. This project will not be made possible without the favor of our Lord God and people like you, thank you very much!


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