Our Tribal Multi-Purpose Hall and an Mission Ambulance Boat



We are so happy to share to you the growing fruit of our prayers and unity for this pioneering tribal project, the Tribal Multipurpose Center which will be established in the strategic location of Kalansan. This holistic project will be the first ever of this kind that will address the need of the communities in the field of education, health, livelihood, faith and  community development. Right now we are in the 40% of the building development.

THE BOOK AND TOY LIBRARY will address both the intellectual, emotional and social growth of the children of the tribes through a wide variety of section of books and through educational toys both for indoors and outdoors. We will provide a library system with a trained Mangyan librarian.

TRIBAL HEALTH AND RESCUE CENTER will also be the very first for the Iraya Mangyans in in this remotest region of Mt. Calavite. This project will address the very poor health condition of the tribes and will target to provide a regular program that will attend to their general medical needs through partnership with doctors and other medical professionals who have the heart to reach out to desolate communities like this. This center will also provide AMBULANCE BOAT and BASIC LIFE SUPPORT for transporting people in critical condition to the provincial hospital which is about 80-90 kilometers away.

THE KAKAMPI COOPERATIVE STORE is the business center inside the tribes for their farming and fishing needs. Its objective is to provide a variety of commodities and services that has a very reasonable cost or price for the tribes. Its generated income will be entirely allocated for the community development projects and other vital needs of the community.

SOUP KITCHEN is the area where the regular feeding program preparations will be done. This will help facilitate our program that will address the vital need for balanced meal and nutrition specially for the children of the tribes.

THE WAREHOUSE will house all the produce and other supplies of the community. It will be adjacent to the proposed rice mill behind the multipurpose center.

THE KAKAMPI OFFICE (Kalipinan ng mga Katutubong Mangyan na Pinagpala) will serve as the session hall for the elected tribal leaders and the administrative office for the tribal organizations economic and ministerial functions.

STAFF ROOM is the small quarter allocated for missionaries and other guests of the tribes. It will be provided with a small bed and is situated near the kitchen and toilet and bath area.


The functional Multipurpose Center of Kalansan today.


Our humble beginnings.

We need your support for us to complete this project for the Iraya Mangyan tribe in Kalansan, Agabalite and Pinagbayanan of Occidental Mindoro. We are still in need of the following:

  • funding for the remaining 60% cost of the building project
  • thresher, hand tractor and portable welding machine
  • ambulance boat with portable oxygen tank, stretcher for patient transport
  • 100 watts solar panel, battery with electrical layout for lighting
  • generator for back-up power source
  • basic dental chair (non powered)
  • nebulizers, weighing scale, etc. for the clinic
  • books and toys for the library
  • kitchen utensils for feeding program (450-600 children capacity)

For sending support you may contact:

Pastor Ernie DV. Catanghal (DFCM Mission Director)

Email: edvcat@yahoo.com

Contact Number: +63(02)6411656 -landline / +63927-8684899 -mobile


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