Who “Thrive” from the Tribe?


Farming rice is the main source of livelihood for the Iraya Mangyans. But with the very limited land area left to them by the foreign settlers of the island (and mostly marshlands and forestland) their harvest for a year is just a fraction of what they need in a year, worse it would still be exploited by the businessmen who thrive on their little (and crude) farming.

The answer.


DFCM through its community development organiztion, KAKAMPI is launching “BAWAT BUTIL PROGRAM (BBP)” – a program that caters to the indigent Iraya Mangyans in their farming needs. It’s goal is to provide system and resources that will make the community self-sufficient and self-sustaining. We are reaching out to three (3) communities in the north-eastern edge of the island namely, the Kalansan, Agbalite and Pinagbayanan communities.

We can help them increase their produce and be self-sufficient.

Want to know how? Just reach us at:

+63 (02) 710-9550 landline / +63 (02) 927-8684899  mobile

Email: edvcat@yahoo.com


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