Project: Halieis Anthrópos

We were called to follow Jesus in Matthew 4:19 to become “fishers of men” (ἁλιεῖς ἄνθρωπος). This is the very core of our missionary work in the tribes, to catch men from misery and definite destruction and bring them into the boat of grace (through Christ Jesus) that heads to glorious eternity with the Father.


Fishing is also one thing that Jesus was fond of while He was here on earth in earthly form, as we could see that he spend a lot of time on the boat with His fishermen friends. We also serve in the mission field with this trust: “TO NOT ONLY GIVE MEN FISH TO EAT BUT TO TEACH THEM HOW TO CATCH FISH FOR WITH THAT THEY WILL NEVER BE HUNGRY AGAIN.” So we always try our very best to make our outreach program become self-sustaining by not doling out help but rather equipping our stakeholders to become our counterparts in every way. This project is just a part of our holistic approach, to feed them by helping them learn to feed themselves, Project: Halieis Anthropon.



Today we are 60% accomplished as we have provided 2 sets of fishing nets complete with all the materials needed. We also have provided for a small fishing boat and it is almost ready to test the waters. We just need some finishing materials and this project will begin providing food for our Mission Center staff and all our KKP Scholars.

We will be posting here update of our boat once it comes into 100% completion. Praise God for this wonderful project that He have provided to us.


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