Let’s open their dream’s horizon.

Our very remote tribal community is blessed to have a schooling program from the Department of Education. But this program is limited to grade 6 only, upon reaching this level majority of the kids cease in their dream because it will be very difficult for them to pursue the next level (grade 7) offered only in the town which is across Mt. Calavite. Very few dreamers will work as house helpers or farm workers in town in exchange for a small space to stay in while attending school, but would end up getting exploited and would eventually make them stop schooling.



DFCM saw the need of these young dreamers, and we provided a housing for them. Our Mission Center is like a dormitory for our Iraya Mangyan scholars in town. As part of this program they are recognized as KKP Scholars or Kalingang Kapatid Program Scholars. Each one who will qualify for this scholarship will be thoroughly provided for their daily allowances both in the Mission Center and in school. Operational expenses is the biggest challenge for us and this is the area where we need your support and partnership.


Our KKP Sponsors are the wind beneath our wings, our vey invaluable partners in the field. There are more of these young dreamers still waiting for their sponsor. It can be you!

If you want to know more how to be a KKP Sponsor please feel free to ask us about it. You may email Pastor Ernie at edvcat@yahoo.com and he will be very much happy to show you how.

Thank you so much and God bless you always!


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