The Journey Lives On

In the mountains there are so many kids like this boy, born in poverty, deprived of even the very basics of life. They are so innocent of the world outside and education is something most of them haven’t heard of. In their very young age suffering has became their norm. But norm as it is just like their parents they know something is wrong -something is lacking but just can’t define it. Most of them are clueless of the causes of their life’s miseries, and has succumb to the belief that “one who is born in poverty will remain in poverty, and will soon end in poverty”.


True as it seems to them but we know there’s something better, these kids deserve something better, and we believe education is one of them. But to them education is an elusive dream, a fantasy for the ludicrous. But if someone will only care enough, who will walk the extra mile for these desolate kids of the mountain, then education will be feasible, will be a reality.

because god sent you.

There is hope. Yes there is, because someone will respond to God’s call -not many but there will be. Will you be one of them? Today we have a handful of kids who were able to beat the odds and have stepped into the door of opportunity to make the dream come true. They are the few blessed Kalingang Kapatid Program Scholars who started the journey with us from the grass-root level and now in the junior high and even a couple have entered college. KKP SHIRT 201718bFor them being a KKP Scholar, as we  use to call them, is  a blessing for their future. But for us who dream and journey with them it is not simply about their future but their tribal communities’ future. In enabling them to catch their own fish we also enable them to feed their fellowmen with fish. Yes, in building their lives  we are also building their communities. Our scholars are the promising youth of the land, our scholars are the heroes of the land.


This school year we are stretching our faith in opening the door to more aspiring kids from the tribes who are applying if not pleading for the opportunity to be part of the KKP Family. We can only do so much, unless others extend our wings by helping us help them. And we thank God because there are some who responded to the call, they are the beautiful hearts who partnered with us. Dear KKP Sponsors, we are forever grateful and we pray that may God return the favor to each and everyone tenfold.

KKP Salamat Sponsor

On that day our KKP Scholars will one by one march the isle in their togas and will receive their much sought after diploma. On that day the chains of poverty will end as they begin to walk on the new horizon, on a leveled ground; and will look back to reach out to their own, and will start doing what they have learned best from the beautiful hearts that once reached out to them… their sponsors.

KKP GROUP 2017 small

Today we have 18 Iraya Mangyan KKP Scholars from Kalansan, Pinagbayanan and San Pablo. We are currently looking for sponsors for them this SY 2017-18.



meet our kkp scholars 2017-18

Below are the breakdown of sponsorship details:

June Expenses (upon enrollment):         Php 3,500.00/child

During opening of classes (month of June) we provide new set of supplies like uniform, bags, shoes, school materials, ID’s and for other requirements from the school. Also,  we provide basic clothings, beddings, hygiene  and personal storage depending on what is lacking and needed in the beginning of the school year. These provision will incur more budget than the succeeding nine months in the school year.

For Monthly Expenses (July to March):         Php 2,500.00/child/month   

  • Food @ 20 pesos/meal = 1,800.00/child
  • Hygiene Kit = 100.00/child
  • School projects = 300.00/child
  • Snack money in school = 200.00/child
  • Utilities = 100.00/month


Dear partners… THANK YOU SO MUCH and we will never forget your kindness.


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